LYFE - Ishtadev Niwas Online Community
LYFE - Ishtadev Niwas Online Community
Sannyasi Shivani

Welcome to LYFE - Ishtadev Niwas Online Community

Living Yoga For Everyone. A place to fill your cup, not waste your time. Try it free, cancel anytime

About Us

At the Living Yoga Society it is our mission to educate and create a supportive and sustainable community in which seekers from all traditions may access their true inner nature and highest guidance.

With a vision to transition away from mere profit-driven goals into a more tangible ALIVENESS and being; connected with the food that we eat, the ground we walk upon, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, we are able to really BE a “living yoga society.”

This is the way that the future is carrying us. In the world as we know it, humanity and nature are out of balance. Societies of all kinds must join together to embody the teachings of nature, to create balance on the planet once again.

The Living Yoga Society is holding space on a path of YOGA ECOLOGY for any who are open to it. In the spirit of an Ashram, one can truly retreat, where all are welcome to share and experience a re-connection to the earth and her elements.  

Why You Should Join Us

Because you need a point of connection that you can count on to be kind, inspiring, delicious, integral and auspicious.  We are interested in creating a web of light… and each heart beat, your heart beat is needed.  

A Big Thanks

To you.  For showing up. For doing the work. For taking the leap. For choosing WE over ME.  Om and prem. 

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